Showing the description when creating or editing custom fields


I am just wondering if anyway could give me any pointers on how I
could go about displaying the descriptions of my customfield values.
Currently I have a custom field called Urgency that has different
values like “Low”, “Medium”, etc. I would like to be able to allow
users to easily see the descriptions associated with these values so
they have an understanding of why they should select a particular
value. For example “Urgent” might have a description of “Due date is
within 5 days so reall needs to be worked on”.

I was thinking that the easiest way would be the description to be
displayed as a mouse over of the name of the value. The problem I am
having is that I am struggling to figure out exactly what Mason
Element or Elements I need to change. I found a few references to
customfields in templates and mail but nothing on the wiki on how to
change their presentation in the web interface.

Has anyone done anything like this?


John Habermann
Internet Programmer, System Administrator
The Wilderness Society Inc