Show all open tickets in SeflService

Hello RT experts,

I am very new to RT, trying to setup RT for the first time. If my question has already been discussed/addressed, please accept my apology in advance.

Today I noticed that the SelfService page only show the tickets requested by a user. We are wanting to use the SelfService page so that any user goes to the page should be able to see all the open tickets in the system. Can you give me a hand with this? I tried a few things, but with no luck.

Thank you so much!

By the way, this is an outstanding product, way better than some of the enterprise grade stuff out there :wink: . Thank you all to the dev team and all the valuable contributors!

Try this:

edit /opt/rt4/local/share/html/SelfService/Elements/MyRequests file

$title ||= loc("My [_1] tickets", $friendly_status);
my $id = $session{'CurrentUser'}->id;
my $Query = "";

if ($status) {
    $status =~ s/(['\\])/\\$1/g;
    $Query .= "Status = '$status'";

my $Format = RT->Config->Get('DefaultSelfServiceSearchResultFormat');

rm -fr /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj/*
service httpd restart


This was fantastic, thank you! It worked just as I expected!


Hello RT experts,

I have been using fetchmail for rt-mailgate with good success , but i was
asked to setup some spam mail filtering so we don’t add spam tickets in
RT. So, I thought i add procmail with fetchmail.

here is my flow: fetchmail calls procmail and my procmairc processes the
mail. I have a filter (see below) in procmailrc so that mails from should be set as spam and be filtered. the rest of the mails
should be pushed to rt-mailgate.

here is my fetchmailrc:

timeout 300
antispam -1
batchlimit 100
#set no bouncemail
#set logfile /var/log/fetchmail.log

poll protocol IMAP username ticket-queue password
xxxxxxxx mda “/usr/bin/procmail -Y -d %T”

here is my procmailrc:





  • ^To:.*
    |/opt/RT/4.4.2/bin/rt-mailgate --url --queue General
    –action comment

with the above configuration, nothing happens, no mail, no ticket gets

I have been searching for a solution for this , I could not find one. I
need to be able to filter out mails from Has anyone done
something like before? if not, how do you prevent spam e-mails from
getting into RT? any solution or idea would be appreciated!