Shibboleth on RT 4.4.2

Currently I am using RT 4.0.8 with Shibboleth and I now want to upgrade to 4.4.2. I wasn’t here when the current install was created, but it does use Shibboleth without issue. After doing a lot of digging I found that they achieved this by adjusting the RT::Authen::ExternalAuth plugin using:

While I know this method isn’t officially sanctioned by Best Practical or the plugin developer (at least to my knowledge) I was trying to find a better way enabling Shibboleth with RT across multiple institutions. And yes, I did attempt to use the same method and it doesn’t work on the newer version.

Any insights and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I work for Cesnet now :slight_smile: This is a pretty old concept working till versions 4.2, we’re still on it. Before an upgrade to 4.4. we’ll need to solve it as well. And we are not alone, some discussion about is is here and here.