Shh. Don't tell anybody, but you can download RT 3.8.0...RIGHT NOW

RT 3.8.0 will be officially released on Monday, but a careless release
engineer seems to have uploaded the final release of RT 3.8.0 somewhat
in advance of the announcement. Now’s your chance to be the first
person on your block to deploy the new RT.

On Monday, you’ll likely see email and a blog post about all the great
features in RT 3.8 - including:

- a redesigned visual style.
- the ability to "star" your favorite tickets, just like
       Firefox 3's bookmarks
- comprehensive support for signing, verifying, encrypting
       and decrypting email with the Gnu Privacy Guard
- dashboards built out of saved searches, graphs and charts,
       which you can share on the web and subscribe to by email
- new saved settings to control how often RT emails you
- pretty visual charts showing the relationships between
       sets of tickets
- a WYSIWYG editor for composing replies to tickets
- calendar feeds of task due dates
- per-user timezone settings

…and a whole bunch more neat stuff.

You can download RT 3.8.0 at:


PGP.sig (194 Bytes)

Just a quick note, we deployed RT 3.8 and, after some short tests, are
now using it as our production system. So far, we like what we see. Keep
up the good work & thanks to all involved! :slight_smile: