Sharing RT3 patches: add X-Remote-ip mail header for web created tickets

Hello rt-users,

We have developped some local code here to tune RT3 for our workflow. I
will share it one-by-one, when I feel it is enough documented.

As always you are strongly encouraged to read the code and make backups
before applying a patch and you do at your own risk.

attached is a patch to add an X-Remote-IP mail header on web originated
tickets, basing on the content of the CGI variable REMOTE_ADDR. We use this
together with the ExtractCustomFieldValue ScripAction to add a custom field
"host" on ticket creation with the name of the host from which the ticket
is originated (will not work with proxies).

You will find ExtractCustomFieldValue in the contribution area.

Basic Documentation is inside the patch file.


web_xremoteip.patch (745 Bytes)