Share Dashboard to a Group...?

Hi All,

I am trying to share a dashboard I have created to a specific group. I have tried to follow the guide from below link but this does not work as I cannot see any groups under ‘Privacy’ drop down. I am linked to a number of groups so not sure what the issue is, can anyone help with this?


This sounds like a permissions issue, do you have the ‘SeeGroupDashboard’ right?

Hi Craig,

Would that be under ‘global group rights’? As I cannot see this option here.


It could be set in two locations:

Admin->Global->Group Rights
Admin->Global->User Rights (Setting user rights is discouraged, per group is easier to keep track of)

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Hi Craig,

The ‘SeeGroupDashboard’ has been selected under ‘Group Rights’, but I am still unable to see the group under the ‘Privacy’ drop down.

Is there something else I need to do for it to show?


Are you in the group you are trying to share this dashboard with?

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Hi GreenJimll,

I didn’t add myself to group :triumph:.

All working now!