Several questions

Hello, all!

This are my first questions to the list.
I am playing and customizing RT and I have several questions:


-Are ther any way for one requestor to delete one ticket sent
from SelfService? Our organization will like to allow to the users
delete (cancel) tickets sent by him.

Possible bugs:

-When one user try to attach one file commenting one ticket
issued by him, the attach is lost.
-From rt 3-0-4 to 3-0-5, problems in Postgres: No have permissions
to add users and queues. If I overwrite lib/RT/
with 3.0.4 release, work Ok.


-Default RT group to add one new user autocreated from ldap. So,
is more easily check the permissions.
-Any way to display CustomFields in SelfService Create Tickets?

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