Several questions: Multiple copies to reqeustor, " top posting", auto-sort, and more


check that you don’t have the same scrip that sends to requestor define
globally AND inside the queue. I had the same problem when I tried to follow
the configuration notes.

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Subject: [rt-users] Several questions: Multiple copies to reqeustor,
“top posting”, auto-sort, and more

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Hello, All!

We have a new person using RT, who has asked some questions
which a) we can’t answer, and b) we ourselves have been
wondering. They include:

1: Can the opening screen in each queue be automatically sorted by
age, most recent first (on top) as I log on instead of me having to do
it myself each time?

2: On any ticket, could the order of the History be changed/set so
that the most recent item is always on top? That saves me the time
from having to scroll down the message to see the most recent
response. This becomes especially helpful as these tickets become

3: A requestor mentioned in his reply: “P.S. I received your email twice. :
” I am not sure why this may have happened. I believe that only hit
the ‘submit’ on the reply screen once. If I did, my mistake enter it
twice, should it not have added the correspondence twice to the ticket
as well?

We have had this problem before - and thought we had nailed it down, but it
seems to have cropped up again. Anything we should look for?

By the way, I wonder if upgrading to RT 3 would fix any of these in its own?



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