Setup Rest RT4.2.3

Hello All

Can someone give me the location for how to install and setup the REST interface for Version RT 4.2.3. Been Googleing and searching for 2 days now

Thanks for the help.

REST is already available in RT 4.2.x. Documentation is mostly here: REST - Request Tracker Wiki

Yes I found this document but it is pretty out dated and says nothing about enabling the extension or what Perl libraries need to be installed.

Thanks for the response

I do have it working but I am not sure what I did it started working after I added the Client::rest package to the Perl install on the server and a couple of restarts of Apache.

Again thanks for the response.

Don’t understand, are you talking about:

  • the core REST server
  • the extension RT::Extension::REST2
  • the client RT::Client::REST



When I was attempting to use the REST core by going to the I would get a 404 error instead of RT/4.2.3 401 Credentials required.

Things I tried

                Enabling the Extension in the RTsiteconfig.

                Edited the Apache httpd.conf file.

                Restart server many times.
                Probably to manning others to list.

Sent message to the community went home for the night and the next morning it was working. So I was really cranky.

I back out all of the above changes and it still works so I can just chalk it up to magic. I am going back over the code I was building hoping to find a typo but have not found any yet.

Again Thanks

Sorry I can’t be better help.

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