Setting up RT on Windows 2003 Server

I’ve got RT working and running on a SLES 9.3 box but I’ve been asked
to help another group who uses Windows. Honest opionions here; am I
facing a mess of problems worth the effort or this something that is


Dont do it, I tested 3.4x on cygwin a couple of years back on a Compaq dual 1.4Ghz PIII, 1GB RAM, 2003 SP1, with 2 simultanious login attempts the task manager showed 100% CPU utilitzation, slapped freebsd 6 on the same box it didn’t even break a sweat.

Sevan / Venture37
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And if you cant blow awawy the Windows server completely, grab a copy of
VMware server and run LRT in a VM running Linux/FreeBSD. Problem solved