Setting up apache for a system with a dynamic IP


The modperl example of apache config from the README file in RT3.4.4 shows

ServerName your.rt.server.hostname DocumentRoot /opt/rt3/share/html AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
PerlModule Apache::DBI
PerlRequire /opt/rt3/bin/

<Location />
 SetHandler perl-script
 PerlHandler RT::Mason

The system I am installing on has a dynamic IP. Can I use a hostname in
the VirtualHost line as in the FastCGI example even though I am not using

Pass through requests to display images

Alias /NoAuth/images/ /opt/rt3/share/html/NoAuth/images/

Tell FastCGI to put its temporary files somewhere sane.

FastCgiIpcDir /tmp

FastCgiServer /opt/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi -idle-timeout 120

AddHandler fastcgi-script fcgi
ScriptAlias / /opt/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi/

What should the stanza look like in that case?