Setting Rights to View Only Specific Or Related Queues Not All Queues in Request Tracker

Pls i want to know is it possible to make groups view only queues that concern them and not all the queues? The way our RT is configured, all requests (or queues) sent are seen by every one. There are some queues for Hardware support for instance and a group that handles that. How can Hardware group see only queues or requests that are about hardware and not Registration for example?

Unless I’m missing something, just don’t give the user groups you don’t want to see a particular queue the rights to do so (SeeQueue right under “Group Rights” for that queue).

I will check if that has been done.

That was not done. As that was not the issue. But I see how that can be done. It seems the real issue is under the 10 top priority tickets I own and 10 newest unowned tickets that show on the homepage. Instead of each user to see all tickets in those two sections from say Admin, Complaints (i.e all queues), each user should only see tickets in those two sections for only the queues they’re a member of. Ours is set up such that each queue name when you’re entering the ticket also corresponds to a group name/function. That is the issue. Thanks.

Any response to my question?

If your users can see a queue that means that somewhere they are being given the SeeQueue right, this could be at the Global/Group/User level. You can remove the SeeQueue rights wherever they are being granted and instead give them at the group level.

For example, only give members of the Hardware group the ‘SeeQueue’ right for the queue Hardware. Then members of another group, say ‘Registration’ will not have the right to view the Hardware queue.