SetInitialCustomField and Unprivileged users


our RT is version 4.4.2

I set default values for custom fields for a queue.
In the case where an Unprivileged user sends a mail to the queue to create a new ticket, the custom fields keep empty. Whith a privilileged user it’s OK.

I made different attempts with the new right SetInitialCustomField and it still doesn’t work :

  • set either on the custom fields, or the queue, or globally
  • granted either to Requestor, or Everybody, or Unprivileged

Our Unprivileged users do have already a few rights : CreateTicket, ReplyToTicket, SeeCustomField (granted in fact to Everydoby).
So why SetInitialCustomField wouldn’t work for them ? Of course, we don’t want to grant them ModifyTicket nor ModifyCustomField.

Thanks to tell me if I am wrong or if it is the way it works, in that case I’ll have to use a scrip to fullfill the custom fields.


It seems other people have had this issue before with no obvious resolution unfortunately.

Is there anything in the logs (turning on debugging if needs be)?

Thanks for your reply,
I’ve made new tests with the debug mode on: no errors but lots of SQL lines (select, insert, update…) which are of no help for me.


Bonjour Elisabeth :wink:

I think you’re reaching this bug:

commit 895e45f1483745a0b6d7293d93c3726ba7e59324
Author: Emmanuel Lacour
Date: Wed Oct 5 11:13:08 2016 +0200

Default CF values are meant to be set at creation time

diff --git a/rt/lib/RT/ b/rt/lib/RT/
index 6d24385..97224a2 100644
--- a/rt/lib/RT/
+++ b/rt/lib/RT/
@@ -2135,6 +2135,7 @@ sub AddCustomFieldDefaultValues {
                 Field             => $cf->id,
                 Value             => $value,
                 RecordTransaction => 0,
+                ForCreation      => 1,
             push @msgs, $msg unless $status;

Merci Emmanuel :wink:
I’ll try that fix, for the moment I use a scrip.