Set ticket properties by email help

I have been using:
from the wiki to let my RT users set ownership and status from email. I’m
using the first technique on the above referenced wiki article. This
technique has been working fine for at least a couple of months. Our users
use this feature either from Outlook or from their Blackberry. We use MS
Exchange. Our mail admin recently re-did the Exchange server. The Scrip
still works fine from Outlook, but it does not work from the Blackberry
devices. As I dug deeper, I found that messages from the Blackberry devices
are being converted to HTML. RT ends up with two messages for each email
text/html. Despite the fact that there are two forms of the same message,
neither works.
Like I said earlier, this still works from Outlook, just not from the
Blackberry devices. Below is a copy of what appears in the content. Outlook
is replying to the message with plain text. When a message goes through the
Blackberry, it gets converted to HTML - apparently by Exchange. I attached a
screenshot of what the transaction looks like. Below is the content of each.


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