Set the FriendlyName on outgoing mail from system

We use the setting $UseFriendlyFromLine=1 (default) to get “SenderName via RT”.
If an agent causes a transaction RT calculates the proper Friendly Name based on the creator of the transaction. Works fine.

Our problem is the Friendly Name used in the AutoReply on ticket-creation. See code below.
The queue-descriptions are used to describe the queues. They are somehow speaking and quite well to guide the customer using SelfService. But they are not really usable as Friendly Name.


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We want the Friendly Name to be something like “Company-Name Support-Team”.
Best to get different values respecting the queue the ticket is opened.

I tried to set the From: in templates, but of course it does not set the friendly name, only. It overriedes the from-adress from the queue, too.

So any ideas how to set a nice Friendly Name for AutoReply without patching the source?
We try to use a clean source and use configuration or callbacks instead.

Awaiting your surprising ideas :slight_smile:

Code: lib/RT/Action/

sub SetReturnAddress {
    my $self = shift;

    my $friendly_name;

    if (RT->Config->Get('UseFriendlyFromLine')) {
        $friendly_name = $self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Description ||

    $self->SUPER::SetReturnAddress( @_, friendly_name => $friendly_name );


Would the FriendlyFromLineFormat config variable help you? This lets you specify a sprintf() that is used by the SetFrom() method in lib/RT/Action/ to actually set the From line in the email. If you put a pattern in there had zero width string replacements to ignore the friendly name but just had a fixed string such as “Company Name Support Team %.0s <%s>”, would that work for you?

This way we’ll loose the very nice “Real Name via RT” thing, too. The problem is just in

I talk to the departments to alter the description to be more usable as FriendlyName.
If this fails I’ll use an overlay to alter SetReturnAddress(). They have to define a goog name anyway.

An Overlay will work of course. We just try to do as much things as possible with configuration.

Thank you and regards. Andre.


Havent the solution, but i confirm the “form” var in template is broken with autoreply.
The value bellow:
Form: “Company-Name Support-Team”
Is see by the receipient as: “Company-Name Support Team” @serverlocalname

Kind regards,

@periway this is a nice idea I didn’t think about. You need to set the whole ‘From:’ in a template.

 `From: Company-Name Support-Team <>` 

will work as expected in the mail-headers. The @serverlocalname was appended by the local mailsystem, not RT.

We’re not sure to use a specific template for each different From: -line or to use an overlay and set the FriendlyName.

The queue-description one can read in SelfService and the From: -line of a mail have different needs we’re not able to get together in one text. So we need two different things.

regards, Andre.