Set Owner according to input mail

I want to see the possibility of being able to automatically set the owner of a ticket.

Example, I have 1 Queue that has two input emails

1 general: all the tickets arrive and the 2nd an email only for a particular topic but they arrive in the same queue, the question is how could I automatically establish the owner of the tickets that arrive by email 2?

If you make a new scrip that runs on create and has a user defined action that checks the To header for the create transaction and then sets the owner of the newly created ticket.

hello ,

Thank you very much for the answer. Could you help me with an example code? I’m new to perl. I would really appreciate it.

Something like this (I didn’t test)

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I tried this code, but it gives me some error messages like,

Scrip 20 Prepare failed: Undefined subroutine &RT::Action::UserDefined::self called at (eval 2290) line 1.

You have “&self” where you should have “$self”