Set NotifyActor just for requestors on create?


I have the scrip “On Create Notify Owner, Requestors, Ccs and AdminCcs” enabled and it works.

I have setup Fetchmail so tickets can be emailed into my instance of RT and my users can submit tickets to the IT team via email and a ticket is generated. When an IT staff creates a ticket directly in RT and sets one of our users as requestor that person does receive the email notification from the scrip.

However, when the user sends in an email, RT sees them as the ‘Actor’ on the ticket so does not notify them. I would like them to be notified however, as a kind of confirmation that we have received their ticket.

Is there a way to set NotifyActor just for a specific type of transaction or certain roles? I just want it enabled for On Create or just for the requestor role. Haven’t been able to find the info elsewhere.


Did you disable the default “On Create Autoreply To Requestors” scrip? Would enabling that scrip solve the issue?

I actually resolved it by creating a custom scrip that used the argument AlwaysNotifyActor. For Parameters to Pass, I put “Requestor,AlwaysNotifyActor” and used Notify as the module. It now notifies the requestor even when they are the actor.