Set multiple addresses for the same user

in our LDAP we have multiple e-mail addresses for our users. The problem is when a user is creating a ticket with one of his email ( eg. and try to reply from a different email address ( eg. , he’s getting the error:

Permission Denied

You do not have permission to communicate with RT

Is it possible to create “aliases” or multiple addresses for the same user?

Thank you!

Take a look at
We’re using a variation of it since it hasn’t been updated to account for ldapimport being cored.
It should be using rt-ldapimport internally not rt-extension-ldapimport.
You’ll also need (unless that’s been cored as well, need to check).

Thanks a lot!

The only problem is now when i do the import of users, I don’t know how to automatize the import + merge, because when I import a user from LDAP, the field Name is a unique key for the db , so I think is not creating different users but updating multiple times the exisisting email address. Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks again,