Set DueDate while comment/corresponding to a ticket?

Hi everybody,

is there an easy way to set DueDate while updating a ticket using the webui (Ticket/Update.html) and not breaking the SLA SetDueDate-mechanism?

I would like to change the DueDate using Update.html if necessary (but not always). So,

  • if the user changes DueDate, it should be set.
  • If the user does not touch DueDate, the RT SLA-mechanism should manage dueDate.

In RT 4.2.11 my callback Ticket/Update.html/AfterWorked worked fine - but since 4.4.2, RT shows the values of the date fields inside the web forms. This means, RT takes always the web-form value and therefore, it overwrites DueDate value from the SLA-scrips.

Has somebody an idea how to implement my requirement?




<& /Elements/SelectDate,
menu_prefix => ‘Due’,
current => 0,
Default => $TicketObj->DueObj->Unix ? $TicketObj->DueObj->ISO(Timezone => ‘user’) : ‘’,
Object => $TicketObj,
(<% $TicketObj->DueObj->AsString %>)
my $TicketObj = $Ticket;

$Ticket => undef

RT does not show dates on Update.html page.
For dates there is separate page ModifyDates.html