Set background color of "priority time left " field

Hi all,
After upgrading RT 4.0.5 to 4.2.15 I lost the customization for the “Priority time left” field. That is I had the background color set for the ticket priority(like for medium priority ticket back ground color was yellow, for low it was blue). I have all the codes mapped in the Once file.(It was ColumnMap , I renamed it to Once after the upgrade to 4.2.15) .

Could anyone please help me so that I can set the background color of the same field.

The main problem I can see inspecting the element is it is not taking the "

" from columnmap file. It is taking the Medium. I think that’s the reason the bg color is not coming

Can you make a diff of your customized file with the upstream 4.0.5 version? Then I may be able to help you in upgrading it to rt 4.2.


Thanks for your response.

It is already fixed.