Set a Ticket and associates to Confidential

Hello Mailinglist.

I have a special requirement from our client. There are different groups of tickets, which I clearly can distinguish with queues, but I need the possibility to define a Ticket as confidential. e.g., if there are sensitive log data which should only be known to few people, etc.

It has to be more or less hassle free to Operate, so I was thinking:

Create a Queue Confidential.
This Queue has a group associated where only the administrator (chief of department) is defined.
If a Ticket get’s into this queue, only the administrator can view/edit it, and he add’s the people who should be able to see the ticket as admincc’s.
Ideally only he and the defined admincc’s for this Ticket would be able to view and edit this Ticket.

I tried it but it did not work, I assume because the persons do not have the rights.

I read alot in the wiki and one thing popped into my head: for a ticket to be shown you need the ShowTicket right to both, the ticket and it’s queue.

So, how can I easily grant specific persons the ShowTicket right on the “confidential” queue so they are only able to see this ticket (and associated tickets as I want to implement this with RTIR).

Or is there another way to define a Ticket (or Inscident/Report/Investigation) confidential?

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