Service Unavailable After Upgrade From RT5

I successfully had RT5 running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux/MariaDB/Apache. I upgraded to RTIR, installed all dependencies, added the Plugin(‘RT::IR’) to site config file, updated the database successfully.
Apache is running. MariaDB is running. I’m getting Service Unavailable error. In the httpd error log I’m getting the following errors:
FCGI: failed to make connection to backend : localhost
FCGI: attempt to connect to (localhost) failed.

I found that for some reason port 80 wasn’t open anymore. But now I’m getting An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more details in RT’s log files.
Logs showing the following:

Looks like you need to allow the user that apache runs under to write to the /opt/rt5/var/mason_data directory tree. If you’re running under SELinux, see if there are entries in the audit log that indicate that this subsystem is preventing it (or as a quick hack see if disabling SELinux temporarily “fixes” it - you’ll probably still want to get SELinux permissions set up correctly though, especially if its an RTIR server).

I’ve added apache user to the “rt” user group that has the right permissions. Still getting the same error. Do I need to change permissions on the other directories mentioned?