Separation between success und error messages in Elements/ListActions


here is a feature request for Elements/ListActions.

The problem:
If you change more than one value at a time on an object (for example a
user) and one of the changes result in an error, the success and error
messages shown by Elements/ListActions look all the same. So it is hard
for the user to notice that an error occurred.

The possible solution:
Change Elements/ListActions that it accepts as actions an array (old
version) or an hash with success and error keys (new version). If
actions is an array, show all in an yellow box as is it is now. If
actions is an hash, show the success messages in the yellow box and
show the error messages in an red box.
This solution (hopefully) wouldn’t break any existing code and you have
time to find all places within the code that calls Elements/ListActions
and change the actions values.