Sendmail Configuration problem in RT


I am running RT 2.0.15 on Red Hat 9. I am facing problem in sending and
receiving the mails. I have configured sendmail on the RT machine but
the mails are not getting sent. The maillog shows that mails are queued.
I do not have direct network connection on this (RT) machine but I do
have separate proxy server ( Squid on Red Hat 9) with broadband
connection. In file I have mentioned the ip address of the
proxy server but still it is not working.

Please let me know if I can use proxy server for sending and receiving (
mail gateway ) the mails for RT. If yes then what I will have to do.


Prasad Deshpande


Does it work when you email without using RT?

Some things to try:

  • Some ISPs block outgoing email unless you use their smtp server or
    request an exception from them for port 25 (e.g. SBC DSL does this
  • Try sending mail from your RT computer to itself (e.g. to
    root@localhost) to see if that is working.
  • Then try sending to another computer on your LAN such as your proxy
  • Double check software/hardware firewalls of incoming and outgoing filters.

Good Luck.

Prasad Deshpande wrote: