Sendmail/Bogus Domain/Dynamic IP Woes

Hi Everyone,

Fedora Core 1 RT 3.2.1

I am having a bit of a problem,

I have set up RT on our lan. We have an asdl connection to the interweb.

I have an account (will be accounts) on our webpage/mail host’s server that
I am getting mail for RT from with fetchmail.

When I send a mail to the RT account at our isp (support@outsidedomain) the
RT box fetches the mail with a cron job, the ticket is created correctly but
when the auto reply mail goes out it gets bounced from the mail host’s
server saying that our domain does not exist (which, on the internet, it
doesn’t). The mail has a from with the right address support@ BUT if I look
at the maillog it tells me that the ctladdr entry is apache@landomain. I
assume this is why the receiving server is rejecting the mail.

If I create a ticket on the RT box from a user on that machine it works and
the from address is the RT support address but it still says the return path
is apache@landomain.

How do I change the ctladdr so it uses the mail account that I fetchmail

Is this where I use the UseActorAsSender template change or does this just
change the from in the email message itself.

Hopefully this email makes sense a bit.

Many many thanks,

Adam Arlett