Sending notifications to Watchers

Hi there. I finnally got everything up and running, and I like it very
much, but now I’m having problems.

I have set up people to be AdminCC watchers on my queues. I want an
email sent out to the watcher everytime someone sends a request in. (we
dont get a whole lot of them, so we wont check the site every hour…)
I have made a new template…

You have a new ticket, please login to and check on

And set the script to "OnCreate - > NotifyAllWatchers - > Global
template: Notify watcher"
but nothing happens… I’ve tired all sorts of combos on the scrips…
and still nothing.

Can anyone help?

(ps… using sendmail that came with SuSE 7.3… is that sendmail brand
sendmail… or what?.. thanks)

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