Sending emails from request tracker


Is there any way of sending emails from request tracker.

Eg. I want to send out a reminder to a user, saying that they need to
send us some stuff.

I wan’t this to be a request tracker ticket, since I then have the
posibility to follow the ticket.

It would also be nice if I could get some of my automaticly created
emails to be send through request tracker.

Regards Steffen

“SN” == Steffen Nissen writes:

SN> It would also be nice if I could get some of my automaticly created
SN> emails to be send through request tracker.

We do this for some of our automatic notices that don’t need to be
personalized: we have an external process that decides the message
needs to be sent to a user send a short one liner request to a
specific RT queue faking the From address as the person who needs the
notice. The queue is set up to autorespond with the message we want
them to get. All correspondence is now tracked via RT.

We haven’t figured out a good way to customize the autoresponder, but
I’m sure someone could get creative :wink:

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/me revives an old thread…

I have a similar problem I want to solve. We have ad-hoc emails that need to send to vendors and customers. Currently have have set RT as the reply-to address, but this means we might miss the outbound message if it isn’t quoted, or if there is no reply we can miss the follow up actions.

Ideally RT would send the message the initial out-bound message and then the conversation continues in RT. Does anyone have a clean solution for this?


Can’t you create the ticket (either by emailing into RT as above or by using the Perl or REST APIs) and then follow the process above, with an “On Create” scrip the marshals the “first” email that goes out to the requetor?

Hmm, yeah. Take the in-bound email as what to send out. The actual recipient(s) could be a pseudo-header at the top of email body.

I’ll have a tinker with that.