hacks (Was: Re: RT3.0.4 not sending mail?)

Okay, I’m having various issues with the new RT install, but none of them
appear to be RT related (read: apache and end-user related). Well, that’s
almost true.

I’ve put in a couple of our custom hacks back into One of
them seems to work all the time (adding " [$self->QueueObj->name]" after the
normal Subject tag), whereas the other has been breaking every so often.

In SetSubject, I added this (to make e-mail client filtering a little

$self->SetHeader( 'RT-Queue',
                   $self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Name() );

However, this header doesn’t always seem to be in place. About three hours
ago, I got one message that didn’t have the header in there. And when I
made the change yesterday, there was a period of time for about an hour
after I had done ten minutes of testing to prove that it worked, that it
didn’t work for any messages.

So… Does RT ever send anything /not/ through Have I put my
hacks in the wrong place? Is there anything I should be looking for in the