Send Original Attachments On Notifiy AdminCC

I’m trying to work out if I can get the original requestor’s attachments forwarded. I’ve tried adding some lines to the template but they don’t seem to return anything.

I’ve read some older posts the suggest it’s a bit more in-depth as it’s not the current transaction that has the attachment.

You’ll need to get the first transaction associated with the ticket. For example I’ve got this snippet of code in one of our Callbacks to get the initial transaction contents as a MIME object:

  my $transactions = $Ticket->Transactions;
  my $initialTx = $transactions->Next;
  my $mimeObj;
  if($initialTx && $initialTx->ContentObj) {
     $mimeObj = $initialTx->ContentObj->ContentAsMIME;
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Thanks, So would i need to create my own extention with this in a callback? or could this be used in a scrip

You should be able to do something similar in a scrip as you have the ticket object available.