Send new Ticket ID to external program

Hi there

I’m new to RT and have a question on creating new tickets. We want to use rt-mailgate to create tickets on incoming mails. When a new Mail is stored as a new ticket, a external program should be called provided with the following informations from RT:

Ticket ID
Requestor (Mail From)
Mail Subject

I already tried adding a Perl Module to @MailPlugins, but that Modules seem to be called before ticket creation. It was not possible to extract a Ticket ID. I also learned about “Scrips” but have no clue on how to use them to do the job. If someone had the same problem and found a practical solution, I will be grateful for all informations.

I use RT 3.8.

Many thanks.

Create a template with the desired information, and used it in a scrip
that’s triggered on ticket creation. Your template might look something like:

Blah blah blah

The wrapper can then parse whatever information is needed from the
message body, subject or headers (including ticket ID) and pass it on.
Alternatively, if your command needs only the id, you could simply add

bcc: ExternalCommandWrapper@localhost

To the header section of you existing autoreply template.
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