Send investigation/countermeasure to an e-mail using API

Hello guys,

I want to correspond one or more e-mails through an investigation or a countermeasure using the API. I already found out how to create the Incident, create the investigation and link them.

I found this on documentation but can’t find the correct keys to send this as an e-mail as we do when we add e-mails on the Correspondents field when creating an investigation on the GUI.

    curl -X POST
         -H "Content-Type: application/json"
         -d '{
              "Subject"    : "response",
              "Content"    : "What is your <em>issue</em>?",
              "ContentType": "text/html",
              "TimeTaken"  : "1"
         -H 'Authorization: token XX_TOKEN_XX'

Any advice?


Just found out that i need to add the requestor. Solved