Send copy of correspondence to the Admin replying

We just migrated our support system to RT (4.2 Ubuntu package) and would like to have copies of correspondence send to our complete team. We thought this could be fixed with the watchers option but it does not send a copy to the person who actually responds to the ticket.
Google gave us the suggestion to turn on NotifyActor but then our customers get a copy of their own requests as well. Is there some way to only notify actor if the actor is an admin?
Or better yet, a way to set it so it always notifies ALL admins, including the one responding?

The idea of the admin knows he has done this is nice but the admin won’t remember after a year or so or if there are many tickets.

Depending on how many Admin users you have, you could have them manually turn on the NotufyActor user preference instead of using the global config

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That is doable, we do not have a lot of admins.
But how do I do that?

Never mind, I found it already, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

It is one of the options under “Logged in as xxxx”->Settings->Preferences

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