SelfService article search returns articles in classes the user cannot view

I’m working on setting up an RT instance for customers to use to create tickets. We’d like them to be able to search articles for their issue so that maybe they can find the information they need and don’t need to open a ticket at all.

We have separate article classes setup for each customer to contain information specific to that customer. Customer users are assigned to groups that only have access to their company’s classes (and a global class for general information)

I set $SelfServiceShowArticleSearch to allow users to search articles, but the search results show all matching articles, even ones in the other company classes. If the user clicks on one of those results they get a mostly blank page, but I’d really prefer they never see that result at all if they’re not going to be able to view it.

Ah, I see now. I had given Unprivileged global “ShowArticles” rights. Once I removed that and added the right only for appropriate customer groups it works the way I wanted.