Self Service Enhancement


Sometimes back, Jesse posted an addon to the AutoReply template (rt2) that would
send a random password to a requestor on ticket creation, such that s/he would
be able to login to the rt web UI and view tickets they requested.
By any chance, is there something like that for RT3?
Here is the code that I used with RT2:

*RT::User::GenerateRandomNextChar = &RT::User::_GenerateRandomNextChar;

if (($Transaction->CreatorObj->id != $RT::Nobody->id) &&
(!$Transaction->CreatorObj->Privileged) &&
($Transaction->CreatorObj->__Value(‘Password’) eq ‘NO-PASSWORD’)
) {

    my $user = RT::User->new($RT::SystemUser);
    my ($stat, $pass) = $user->SetRandomPassword();

    if (!$stat) {
            $OUT .=

“An internal error has occurred. RT was not able to set a password for you.
Please contact your local RT administrator for assistance.”;


$out .= "
You can check the current status and history of your requests at:


When prompted, enter the following username and password:

    Username: ".$user->Name."
    Password: ".$pass."


Thank you.


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