$self not exposed to templates, RT Essentials example failing

I was trying to implement the OnSteal scrip example in RT Essentials.
The Template given creates a new temporary RT::User object (so that it
can rewind and get the old owner). The problem that I’m seeing is that
$self->CurrentUser is not being exposed to the Template engine when
the scrip is processed, ie:

[Fri Feb 17 18:24:01 2006] [error]: Template parsing error: Can’t call
method “C
urrentUser” on an undefined value at template line 1.

[Fri Feb 17 18:24:01 2006] [error]: error: unexpected end of header

Is there another object that can be used to expose $CurrentUser ? I
tried $session{‘CurrentUser’}, but it’s apparently an empty hash value
at that point.



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