Selective 'SEE QUEUE' for Self-Service Users?

I have a situation where we wish to expose the
self-service interface to our customers to log and
track their own tickets.

This works very well except that I want to restrict
the queues that different customers can create tickets
in. The scenario I want to create is as follows:

  • two self-service users each with unprivileged
    ‘non-staff’ web access to RT
  • User A can create tickets in Queues A, B and C
  • User B can create tickes in Queues C, D and E

As far as I can tell the rights within RT only allow
me to control self-service access by granting SEE
QUEUE to Everyone on a per queue basis. In my scenario
above both users would be able to create tickets in
queue A,B,C,D & E…or not at all.

Is this correct?

Has anyone found a way around this at all?

Thanks in advance

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