Seeing old data after Postgres database migration

Hi all,

I am attempting to move from a Postgres 9.5 server (an AWS EC2 instance) to an AWS RDS managed Postgres 13 instance. I am able to migrate and validate that all tables and rows come over successfully. However, when I point my RT at the new instance, I see data from 7 weeks ago. Is there a cache file or table somewhere that I need to clear so as to see current data once the migration is completed?

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You can clear the mason cache /opt/rt5/var/mason_data I am not sure if this would cache results from the DB though

Yeah, I’m somewhat skeptical that this is the cause, as the data I am seeing seems locked from the first time I initiated the database copy from old server to new is several weeks old, and the server has been restarted several times in the meantime. At the moment I’m leaning toward doing another migration and just a onetime cutover vs an ongoing replication.