SearchBuilder V1.39 Error

Hi Jesse and Everyone Else,

I just installed SearchBuilder 1.39 (stopped apache, cleared the mason
cache and restarted apache) and I was able to generate the
RT::Attribute::Name unimplemented message via Query Builder.

The following was what I used on my search:

( Queue = "U_General"

OR Queue = "U_Projects" )


( Status = "open"

OR Status = "resolved"

OR Status = "stalled" )


( LastUpdated > '02/13/2006')

The above was a saved script, that I just edited and changed the date
from 12/10/2005 to 02/13/2006 using the Advanced function in Query
Builder. After editing, I hit Apply. I was returned to the Query Builder
page, I then clicked Search to get the message.

I am running Request Tracker V3.4.4.

I cleared the error by using a back arrow and hit submit again, the
script ran fine. I updated the search a few more times and I was not
able to recreate the problem.

Could this be a buffer set up issue in my.cnf? I am using the default
medium sized my.cnf provided with MySQL.

Take care!


Nick Metrowsky

Consulting System Administrator

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303-684-4100 Fax

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