Search "tickets created last month" problem


I’m an rt-newbie and i’m trying to created a saved search for my management.
The saved search i sorted out, but i’m having trouble with the 2 searches itself.

  1. It should find all tickets created last month, if i use “Created > ‘-1
    month’” or “Created > ‘last month’” it gives me the created tickets of the
    last 30 days. And i would like to have the ones between “1st day of last
    month” and “last day of last month”.

  2. should give all tickets created from “1st of this month” and “today”

I looked at
Time::ParseDate - date parsing both relative and absolute - to
try and crate the query, but it didn’t do it for me, can someone please help
me a bit ?


Menno Alkemade

Sapienza Consulting LTD