Search tickets by user's custom field


Is it possible to search for Tickets that the requestor has a specific custom field value ?

i.e. Our user “John” entity has a custom field that is named “Actual user” which has his name as a value. This helps to connect multiple users to a single search term.

For example, if John uses multiple email addresses to contact our ticketing system we can group all those users using this custom field, and easily add new ones when needed.

The problem is that user principal custom fields (as far as I understand) are not searchable in the ticker search builder.

I found the exact same thread here Query tickets by user custom field which seems to state that this feature is unavailable.

Is this still unavailable after 11 years ?

If you specify the queue all the appropriate CFs will show up in the search builder.

I am referring to User object custom fields, not Queue or Transaction custom fields. The user custom fields are not present in the query builder, whichever queue I add to the “Current search” box.

I have the same problem.
I created some custom fields for users and would like to see them in searh-page. But I onlу see "default’ columns. And I don’t have search builder for User search. How can I extract or see values in my user’s CFs?,%23,-%25AdminSearchResultFormat

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