Search tickets by creator?

In summary: How do I add a “All tickets I’ve created” search to all
users “RT at a Glance” page?

I’m working on a new RT installation, and I’m trying to set it up so
that any time a new user logs in, their default RT At a Glance page
includes a search that shows all the tickets in the system that they

By default, the “My Tickets” search shows tickets that they OWN, but
once a sysadmin takes over a ticket, it leaves their list, and we
would like them to still be able to see it. They still own the ticket
in this scenario; which is why I want to search on that.

I figured out how to make a search that shows all the tickets owned
by a specific user ID, but I’d have to put that search in manually
for every new user. How can I create a search that:

(1) is automatically displayed on every new users RT at a Glance

(2) Does something like this:

Queue = ‘techops’ AND ( Status = ‘new’ AND Status = ‘open’ AND
Creator = ‘%SELF%’ )

Where “%SELF%” is some magical token that puts in the user # of
whatever account the search is running under. If no such token
exists, then how does RT automatically install the "My Tickets"
search, which (from the end user perspective) always has their user
ID hard-coded into the search? If I could do that myself, I think
this could work. By this point in my email, you should know what end-
goal I want; if I’m going down the wrong path to achieving this,
please let me know.

-> dp