Search select custom field


we got a custom field for the customers. After some tricks and tweaks this works fine, we just got one issue left:
With the Plugin “CustomFieldsOnUpdate” there is a combo box for selecting the customer that also allows to type in parts of the name for search. This functionality is missing when building a new search. Here we have to scroll through the list in order to pick the right customer.

Does someone has a solution for this or can tell me at least where I would have to hook in with a custom plugin?

I am not sure about a callback you can use, but I believe this is the change that needs to be made:

diff --git a/share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldValue b/share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldValue
index a5ba43817..47e420ad3 100644
--- a/share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldValue
+++ b/share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldValue
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
 % $Default = "" unless defined $Default;
 % if ($CustomField->Type =~ /Select/i) {
 % my $values = CachedCustomFieldValues($CustomField);
-<select name="<%$Name%>" class="form-control selectpicker">
+<select name="<%$Name%>" class="form-control selectpicker" data-live-search="true">
 <option value="" selected="selected">-</option>
 <option value="NULL"><&|/l&>(no value)</&></option>
 % while (my $value = $values->Next) {

Thanks, that works. I would just be happy if this could be enabled without editing the files.