Search results "template"?

Hey all,

Before I embark on doing this myself, does anyone have any tips/ideas/warnings
to just wait until the next version of RT/whatever for the following?

I have users that want to see different results when they search. For
instance, sometimes they just want to see

ticket #, subject, owner, queue


ticket #, subject, child(ren), status

everything in the current search plus who last updated the ticket (not just
"Last" time, but who)

Also, what’s the reasoning behind not allowing sort in a search by
requestor(s)? is that because there may be many requestors?

Basically, I can do this myself, by making an alternative search page for those
users that want special displays for their searches – like the search page,
but you’d have something like "sort results by / display using
template " where is a popdown menu of the “search results

It’s not as simple as making one change to the search page, because the same
users want different displays depending on what they want from the search.

Is it in the works for a later version of RT? Should I hold my horses, or are
the developers not touching that one with a 10-foot pole? It’s not simple,
however, there are great benefits (and I’d love to submit a patch if the answer
is “do it yourself, let us know how it turns out”).

-Sheeri Kritzer
Systems Administrator
University Systems Group
Tufts University