Search: not found when customfield content longer than 255

Hi All,

I have a big problem with the web gui: if any of my customfields’
content is longer than 255 chars, and I use LIKE in the QueryBuilder,
the ticket (or asset, in case of AT) is not listed on the result page
(shortly: not found ). It does not depend on the type of the CF, it
could be textarea, wiki, ect.

Could anyone tell me, please, is this the way it works or my system’s

I’ve made a small addon to keep track asset changes automated: a free
audit software runs on each PC, it sends a report via mail to our RT
machine during every startup. A small script recieves the mail, diffs
changes (diff last vs. current report, ignore timestamp and so) and puts
changes into RT/AT. In AT each PC has a few custom fields like OS, CPU,
software, in_startup, network, etc. It’s OK, I can see every PC now.
Next step: I’d like to know, which PC has MS Office and which has
OpenOffice installed on. Customfield (textarea) called "software"
contains all the software’s title installed on that PC. I tought I have
nothing else to do, just to build a simple query:
Type = ‘Desktop PC’ AND Status = ‘production’ AND ‘CF.{Software}’ LIKE
…and shows nothing. I’ve tested on plain RT tickets as well, it’s the

((My environment: RT 3.4.4pre3, MySQL, Mandriva Linux, Perl 5.8.6))