Search in RT 3.6.5 results in http://Ticket/Display.html?id


I have upgrade my request tracker from 3.4 to 3.6 and have encountered
an issue with any search. When I click on job categories or search
for tickets, the ticket links have the wrong url and result in a link
to http://Ticket/Display.html?i… instead of

I have tried implementing this fix: which fixes my 10
Highest priority and 10 Unowned tickets on the frontpage but does not
fix the Searches.

I have looked in the database table of Attributes to see if there is a
regular search query there like the other 10 highest/unowned but there

The only other piece of information which might be useful is in the
upgrade I changed the WebPath from “/rt” to “/”. I can access the
site no problem, but the searches do not work.

Thanks all

JB Hewitt