Search for Requestor when opening a new ticket

I’m evaluating rt3 to replace our current helpdesk software. So far I like
everything I see, but I have one question.

We still have a lot of our end-users call into our department to enter a
help call. Since there are over 600 of them, we don’t have all their email
addresses memorized and they aren’t the easiest things to type (just take a
look at mine). What I would like to know is, when I click on “new ticket
in” and I have the requestor field, is there a way to search based on their
real name and have that be input into the requestor field? Or is there
another way to search for the requestor and then start a new ticket from
that point.

Thanks in advance!

Troy Brown

IT Manager

Shawnee Library System

618-985-3711 x2021

Shawnee is one of nine multitype Library Systems cooperating to provide
vital services to the citizens of Illinois.

You could probably work something up with RTx::EmailCompletion

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