Search for depends on by Tickets only


One of RT queues (Claims) in our environment oftenly got separated to linked ‘multi-depends on’ tickets (same queue Claims) after receiving tickets from our clients by external email addresses. Is there any ways to find only main (depends on by) tickets via Rt Search without creating internal linked ticked in other queue?

For instance: we’ve received a ticket #200 from in queue Claims, afterwards we’ve linked several depends on tickets to #200 ticket in same Claims queue, let’s assume #201 and #202 are depends on by #200. The goal is to find #200 ticket with search.

One more detail: is I’ve made a callback that sets current user as requestor of depends on tickets while creating, so I’ve tried to search for tickets in Claims queue whose Requestor email isn’t like out internal domain but didn’t succeded with that approach.

My internal users got some UserCFs so I could try to separate those tickets by requestor’s custom field but still didn’t get ho to do that :slight_smile:

UPD: Imported organization from LDAP among my internal RT users. Now I can separate External client tickets and depends on tickets created by internal RT users with out organization.

Any help would be appreciated!

I assume you’ve tried a search with DependedOnBy is not NULL in the search terms?

Yeah, that worked like a charm. Thanks!

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