Scripted metrics anyone?

Hello all,

I am trying to retrieve the metrics page (/RTIR/Reporting/Report.html)
through an external script (-> not querying the web server). However,
this requires HTML::Mason interpreting, so I thought to leverage
/opt/rt3/bin/ (using the fast-cgi script) as a template.
However - it does not work. Instead, I get the following errors:

Name “RT::MasonParameters” used only once: possible typo at ./
line 7.

The following parameter was passed in the call to
HTML::Mason::Request::CGI->new() but was not listed in the validation
options: name

Now, this strikes me as strange as “@MasonParameters = ()” is set in
/opt/rt3/etc/ and should have been imported by
(see attached).

Further, I have no clue what the second error is about.

Is this the wrong way to go? How do you get the metrics in a
non-interactive way?

Best regards,

Ruediger Riediger

Dr. Ruediger Riediger Sun Microsystems GmbH
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