Scrips suddenly stop triggering

This seems quite strange: one of our RT instances (3.6.3), happily running for
over 6 months today suddenly stopped processing scrips when new tickets were
opened. We’re only using basic stuff (Auto Take, Auto Authorize etc), but
they just don’t seem to trigger. The log is empty as well. At some points
when using the web interface RT has logged sending a mail but none appears.
Any idea what could be wrong? Update to some RT dependancy that’s broken
something? Restated apache and mysql, but didn’t seem to make much
difference. System is CentOS 4 (aka RHEL 4), with addons mostly for RT perl
modules (mostly compiled by hand).


Embarrassingly following up my own post (and using lookout as well), the
problem was caused by
a separate system upgrade which clobbered Scalar::Util with the default (on
RedHat anyway) perl distro one which doesn’t contain Scalar::Util::weaken.
Reinstalling this and restarting apache solved the problem. It wasn’t
obvious at first as when I re-ran ‘make testdeps’ from my original install
point, it told me that everything necessary was installed. Of course, this
doesn’t run to meta-dependencies or dependencies of… etc etc. Thought
about how you could try to provide complete test coverage on this for a
while but then my brain hurt, and I remembered what perl -MCPAN -e shell;
was for.