Scrip check body of email for text

I am modifying the scrip found at
posted by gleduc@----- and could use some help

The original, “true if e-mail contains ‘ok’”
&& $Transaction->Content =~ /\bok\s/i;

I need to make it true IF a line (any line - 1st, 2nd, etc) starts with
"RMA" and ends with “has been received”

An example line is:
"RMA-47767-1 has been received "

(This email is coming in from a third party, that I do NOT have much
control over their setup… so there may or may not be a space at the
end of the line, and I can’t not control if it is the 1st line or not -
it always appears as the first line of TEXT … but I am pretty sure
their system is adding a extra blank line or two at the beginning of
the body)

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Hi Kevin,

Check out the /m modifier. This should match what you are specifying
(which is different from your example, by the way):
$Transaction->Content =~ /^RMA.*has been received$/m

The /m tells perl to treat the string as multiple lines and the ^$
anchors match the beginning and end of any line in the string.

Your specification (and my suggestion) does not match your example
because the example line ends with " " rather than “d”. If you want
trailing spaces to be Ok in the line, use “received\s*$” instead of
"received$". A line that ends with “received.” will not match, though.

If all you want is “RMA” at the beginning and followed by “has been
received” somewhere on the same line, then you could use "received.*$"
instead. That would allow anything to follow “received” and still
match. Have fun!


Kevin Squire wrote: